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Our Process

Getting Started
The first questions most people ask are...”How much will I collect?” and “When will I collect?” At Young Adjustment we make your policy work for you and have the knowledge and expertise to maximize your insurance proceeds. By retaining Young Adjustment immediately after a loss, we are able to establish the framework for your recovery. We meet with the insurance company’s adjuster to make sure they agree on the scope of damages. We help to properly set the reserves and work on getting advance money to you as soon as possible. This allows you to proceed with the recovery process without suffering out-of-pocket expenses. Next, we plan a timetable that will serve as a road map for preparing and settling your claim.

Exploring Your Options
Every loss brings with it opportunities. As your adjusters, we are also your advisers. One of our goals is to help you make well informed decisions. With Young Adjustment, our in-depth evaluation of your policy will allow us to make sure you realize the best approach and plan for both your short, and long term needs. While your policy does not spell out your options, our experience can. Because we explore these possibilities with you up front, the path for rebuilding your home or business will proceed much more smoothly. It is truly a team effort, but to obtain the desired results, you need to have the right players in place. No one knows your needs better than you do, but when it comes to the recovery of insurance proceeds … Nothing compares to our 100 years of experience!

Valuing Your Loss
Young Adjustment’s staff of professionals will prepare every aspect of your claim. Our “in house” building specialists prepare detailed damage estimates using computer software specifically designed for claim preparation. Our experts examine every contingency, including the possibility of hidden damage, building code enforcement, depreciation and numerous other issues that arise. We inventory your personal and business property for the claim and include detailed documentation that will allow an accurate assessment of the damage. We survey all damaged property making sure nothing is missed and help you reconstruct from memory, items that were damaged beyond recognition. If your business experiences a loss, our accountants will examine the cost of the interruption to your business; determining lost revenues and additional expenses based upon your company’s past performance and growth projections. If your home is damaged, and you incur extra living expenses, our accountants will assist you with organizing and presenting those costs to your insurance company

Settling the Claim & Recovery
With all the data compiled, our team finalizes your claim. To ensure your understanding and approval of the claim, every aspect is reviewed with you prior to it being presented to your insurance company. Each document is precise, thorough, easy to read and painstakingly checked for accuracy. Whenever possible, corroborative evidence is submitted with the claim. Finally, we meet with your insurance company adjuster to settle your claim. When agreement is reached, with your approval, we prepare the Proof of Loss and submit it to the insurance company; making certain you receive a timely payment for the full amount. If any depreciation is withheld, we will also assist you with that recovery.

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