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Why Hire a Public Adjuster

When serious situations arise, the wise depend on experts for advice, guidance and representation. As an insured that has suffered a loss, how will you protect your interests? Unfortunately, insurance policies are often the least read “best sellers”. Almost everyone has one, but they’re never reviewed until a loss occurs. Your insurance policy is a complex document subject to various interpretations. Every decision you make, every action you take, or fail to take, will affect the settlement of your claim and your future. After any disaster, your first instinct is to contact your insurance company. Naturally, they send out their adjuster to process the claim. However, it is important to understand that the insurance company adjuster must first serve the interests of his principal employer, the Insurance Company. The “burden of proof” is on you, the policyholder, to document every detail of your loss and present your claim. Every loss is unique; someone must take the time to identify and explain all of your options. You need objective, competent and reliable advice to make certain that “your” needs take first priority. That’s precisely the reason you should engage the services of the Young Adjustment Company. As licensed Public Adjusters we only represent policyholders, not insurance companies – Your interests, are our interests.

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